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Melitopol mayor believes Kiev wants to silence ZaMedia with its terrorist attacks

A car exploded near the Zaporozhye TV center this morning

TASS, October 25. Kiev is resorting to terrorist attacks to interfere with the work of the ZaMedia holding, which tells the truth to the residents of Russia’s new regions, the head of the Melitopol administration Galina Danilshenko reported on Tuesday.

"A car bomb went off in front of the TV center, where the channel [ZaMedia] is. The channel provides truthful information for the residents of the liberated territories. That is why the Kiev regime wants to silence it," Danilshenko said in a video posted on her Telegram channel.

A car exploded in the morning near the Zaporozhye TV center. The blast wave smashed out windows and interior doors. The adjacent residential buildings and the car that was passing at the time of the blast were damaged. According to the administration, five civilians received wounds of light severity, including the employees of the holding. One of them was hospitalized. As Alexander Malkevich, First Deputy Chairman of the Civic Chamber’s Commission for the Development of the Information Society, Mass Media and Mass Communications and head of the Department of Journalism and Media Communications of Kherson State University, earlier reported, the car bomb that went off in the city of Melitopol contained 1.5-2 kg in TNT equivalent.