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US to work with allies to quickly bring Finland, Sweden into NATO — Biden

Both countries are longtime, stalwart partners of the United States, the US President recalled

WASHINGTON, May 18. /TASS/. The US will work with its NATO allies to quickly approve the bids by Finland and Sweden to join the alliance, US President Joe Biden said in a statement on Wednesday.

"I warmly welcome and strongly support the historic applications from Finland and Sweden for membership in NATO and look forward to working with the U.S. Congress and our NATO Allies to quickly bring Finland and Sweden into the strongest defensive alliance in history," he said in the statement released on the occasion of the applications to NATO by Finland and Sweden. "Finland and Sweden are longtime, stalwart partners of the United States. By joining NATO, they will further strengthen our defense cooperation and benefit the entire Transatlantic Alliance."

The US aims to deter aggression toward Finland and Sweden while applications by these two countries to join NATO are being considered, the statement said.

"While their applications for NATO membership are being considered, the United States will work with Finland and Sweden to remain vigilant against any threats to our shared security, and to deter and confront aggression or the threat of aggression," Biden said.

Washington and its allies plan to continue exercises and presence in the Baltic Sea region, the statement said.

"Together with our NATO Allies, the United States will maintain its robust exercise activity and presence in the Baltic Sea region," Biden said.