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Launch of Russian-German observatory mission rescheduled for October 2018

The exact launch date has not been set yet

MOSCOW, August 14. /TASS/. The launch of the Russian-German observatory-class mission Spektr-RG (Spectrum-XG, SXG) has been shifted from September to October 2018.

"Works on integration and ground development of the Spektr-RG spacecraft are underway in strict compliance with the schedule. The launch of the spacecraft is planned for October 2018," the Lavochkin Scientific Production Association, which is developing the observatory, has told TASS today.

The exact launch date has not been set yet.

In May, Director General of the Lavochkin Scientific Production Association Sergey Lemeshevsky told TASS that the Spektr-RG launch was planned for September 2018. It will be launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome with the help of a Proton booster and a Block DM upper stage.

It was also reported that Roscosmos was ready to pay 853,400,000 rubles ($14,179,071) for the launch that has to be carried out before November 25, 2018.