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Russia to send first humanoid robot to orbital outpost aboard manned Soyuz spacecraft

The timeline of the launch was not specified

MOSCOW, November 19. /TASS/. The first Russian humanoid robot will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a manned Soyuz spacecraft, Chief Designer, First Deputy CEO of Energia Space Rocket Corporation Yevgeny Mikrin said on Monday.

"Under the project called Tester, an autonomous robot will be created. It will perform work inside a promising manned spacecraft, inside the Russian segment of the ISS. The first copy [of the robot] will fly aboard a Soyuz spacecraft," Mikrin said at an international conference devoted to the 20th anniversary of the world’s sole orbiter.

The chief designer did not specify, however, the timeframe of launching the humanoid robot to the orbital outpost.

According to the presentation of the Energia Space Rocket Corporation, there are plans to create two more robots. The former, Cosmorobot, will work with the research and energy module expected to be launched to the ISS in 2022. The latter, Teledroid, is designed for work on the space station’s Russian segment.

The scientific and practical conference, "Cosmonautics: the Open Space of International Cooperation and Development," devoted to the 20th anniversary of the International Space Station runs on Monday at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center of the All-Russian Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) in Moscow.

The conference was opened by Chief of Russia’s State Space Corporation Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin. The conference has brought together representatives of Roscosmos, foreign space agencies, cosmonauts and astronauts, designers and rocket builders.