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Lavrov dubs scandal around Russia’s alleged meddling with US elections as 'bacchanalia'

WASHINGTON, May 10. /TASS/. The scandal around Russia’s alleged meddling with the US presidential election can be dubbed as "bacchanalia," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the news conference after his talks with US President Donald Trump and State Secretary Rex Tillerson on Wednesday.

"We are monitoring what is going on here [in the US — TASS] concerning Russia and its alleged ‘decisive role’ in your domestic policy. We have been discussing specific issues but never touched upon this bacchanalia," Lavrov said.

"Politicians do huge damage to the US political system trying to imagine that someone rules America from outside. Nowadays, our dialogue is free from ideological bias typical for the Obama administration," he added.

The US Democratic Party along with dependent media outlets have stubbornly embarked on a frenzy of Russia’s purported meddling with the US electoral campaign in favor of Donald Trump. Both Trump and Russia resolutely denied the allegation. Trump emphasized that first, leaks from US law enforcement agencies should be investigated.

On Tuesday evening, Lavrov arrived in Washington on a three-day working visit. After his talks with Trump and Tillerson, he will head to Fairbanks, Alaska State, to attend the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting.