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Ukrainian shelling of Russia’s Belgorod injures nine civilians

One man is in serious condition

TASS, April 1. Ukrainian shelling of Russia’s Belgorod injured nine civilians and damaged three residential buildings, eight apartment houses and a school, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on his Telegram channel.

"According to preliminary information, nine people were injured. One man is in serious condition: he has a penetrating wound in the chest and a penetrating wound in the foot. His daughter has barotrauma. Both victims were taken by ambulance to the regional hospital, where doctors are providing them with all necessary medical care. Seven people - six men and one woman - with shrapnel wounds in various parts of the body and barotrauma were taken to the city hospital. All of them are receiving qualified medical care," the head of the region wrote.

"In Belgorod, as a result of a Ukrainian airstrike, windows were blown out in 13 apartments of eight apartment buildings, three private residences were damaged. In a school, the facade of the building was severely damaged: tiles and about 20 windows were broken," the regional head said.

According to him, three cars were also damaged in Belgorod, one of which was completely burned.

Earlier, the governor reported that the Russian air defense system had shot down 17 air targets approaching the city. There are also consequences after the attack was repelled in the Belgorod district. "In the settlement of Dubovoye and in the village of Tavrovo, two private houses each were damaged. In the village of Novosadovy, the roof of a car was hit by shrapnel. In the village of Maysky, the windows of a private house were broken," Gladkov said, pointing out that operational services were working on the spot. Information on the consequences of the shelling is being clarified.