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IN BRIEF: Shoigu looks into causes of mutiny’s failure, Kiev’s aborted counteroffensive

It is noted that Ukrainian troops have lost 2,500 various armaments

MOSCOW, July 3. /TASS/. The plans to destabilize the situation in Russia on June 23-25 during an attempted armed mutiny fell through because Russian troops showed their faithfulness to their oath and military duty, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at a conference call with military commanders on Monday.

Ukrainian troops have been making unsuccessful offensive attempts for almost a month and have failed to achieve success in any of the frontline sectors, losing about 2,500 various armaments, including 16 German-made Leopard tanks, the Russian defense chief said.

TASS has summarized the Russian defense minister’s key remarks.

Developments in special military operation zone

Ukrainian troops that launched their so-called counteroffensive on June 4 have lost about 2,500 various armaments and have failed to achieve any success. "In general, the enemy has not achieved its objectives in any of the frontline sectors. This testifies to the skills of our fighters and clearly too high expectations from much-touted Western weapons."

In the south Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Donetsk directions alone where Ukrainian armed formations are undertaking unsuccessful attacks, the groupings of Russian forces have destroyed 15 enemy aircraft, three helicopters and 920 pieces of armor, including 16 Leopard tanks.

"This is actually 100% of the tanks of this type supplied by Poland and Portugal [to the Kiev regime]."

Over the past month, Russian air defense forces intercepted 158 rockets of the US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, 25 Storm Shadow cruise missiles and 386 unmanned aerial vehicles. This is comparable with the May figures when 196 HIMARS rockets, 29 Storm Shadow missiles and 466 unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted.

The Kiev regime whose Western handlers demand that the offensive be continued is trying "to make up for its inability to ensure success on the ground by carrying out terrorist shelling attacks on civil facilities."

"The professional actions of our troops help minimize civilian casualties and save hundreds of lives."

Aborted armed mutiny

The plans to destabilize the situation in Russia on June 23-25 failed "first and foremost, because the personnel of the armed forces remained true to their oath and military duty."

"The provocation did not impact the operations of the groupings of forces. The personnel continued fulfilling their assigned objectives courageously and selflessly. I express my gratitude to the personnel for their faithful service."

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already given "all-embracing answers" with regard to the aborted armed mutiny.

New military formations

In compliance with the Russian presidential decree, military command centers of the Moscow and Leningrad Military Districts are now being set up along with a new combined arms army and an army corps.

"Currently, planned deliveries of armaments, military and special hardware are underway simultaneously with the troop manning while the personnel are undergoing training and practicing unit cohesion."

Repair and upgrade of A-50 long-range radar surveillance aircraft

The Russian Defense Ministry will discuss the pace of repairs and upgrade of the A-50 long-range radar surveillance aircraft.

"These flying radars are being employed in the special military operation. The timely upgrade of this pool of aircraft will considerably raise the efficiency of the groupings of forces in fulfilling their objectives."