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US involvement in fighting in Ukraine fraught with disastrous consequences — Russian envoy

The ambassador warned that Russia would not put up with the West’s growing military threats along its border

WASHINGTON, October 26. /TASS/. The United States’ involvement in combat operations in Ukraine would trigger "disastrous consequences" and further aggravation of tension is not in Washington’s interests, Russian Ambassador to the United States said, commenting on the statements by commanders of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division on their readiness to get involved in fighting on the Ukrainian territory if they receive such an order.

"We have already officially pointed out to high-ranking members of the US Government that such bravura statements by the U.S. Army commanders are inadmissible," he said in an interview with the Newsweek.

The ambassador warned that Russia would not put up with the West’s growing military threats along its border. "We are not going to tolerate a situation where military threats are mounting on Russian borders," he said. "Direct participation of the U.S. military in the fighting will lead to disastrous consequences. I am convinced that further aggravation of the situation is not in Washington's interests."

He noted that "Washington is becoming increasingly involved in the conflict in Ukraine, turning the country's territory into a battlefield with Russia." "Despite concerns of the American public and calls by a number of legislators — not only Republicans, but also Democrats — the [US] Administration is pursuing its own line," he said, adding that "the desire to inflict a strategic defeat on our country is clearly spelled out in the recently published National Security Strategy."

In this context, the Russian diplomat recalled that "60 years ago, at the time of the most acute phase of the Cuban Missile Crisis, our countries came close to the 'threshold' of an all-destroying conflict, but at the very last moment they managed to take a step back."

"Russian-American ties are at the bottom again. For the two foremost nuclear powers it would be madness to move further down," he warned.

"Still, today it is difficult to foretell how far the United States is ready to go in the escalation with Russia. We can only hope that the White House and the Pentagon will be able to pull up at the dangerous line," he added.