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Coordination between Russia, China plays stabilizing role in global affairs — Putin

The Russian President noted that, in the past 20 years, the two countries had significantly increased their interaction on foreign policy - one of the key components of the strategic partnership

MOSCOW, June 28. /TASS/. The coordination between Russia and China plays a stabilizing role in global affairs amid the growing political turbulence and increasing conflict potential, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a video conference with Chinese leader Xi Jinping Monday.

The Russian leader noted that, in the past 20 years, the two countries had significantly increased their interaction on foreign policy - one of the key components of the strategic partnership.

"Amid the increasing geopolitical turbulence, the breakdown of arms control agreements, and the increasing conflict potential in various corners of the world, the Russian-Chinese coordination plays a stabilizing role in the global affairs," Putin underscored.

He explained that he was referring to such pressing issues of the international agenda as settlement on the Korean Peninsula, in Syria, in Afghanistan, and the restoration of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

The Russian President also mentioned other aspects of bilateral cooperation.

"We work actively on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization platform, which, by the way, also celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. We facilitate the establishment of the polycentric world order from the BRICS position," he listed.

Expansion of cooperation

Putin noted that a joint statement of the leaders of Russia and China was prepared for the anniversary of the Treaty on Good-neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation. This statement "reflects the unique role of this instrument in the establishment of the modern model of the Russian-Chinese relations and their importance for the establishment of a fairer international order," the Russian leader said, adding that the statement also stipulates that the Treaty will be automatically extended for five years in 2022.

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you […] with another important date - the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China," Putin added. "China meets this anniversary with new achievements, both in the social and economic development of the country, and on the international arena".

Putin noted that, in the past, the Soviet Union "actively supported the Chinese communists in their revolutionary struggle," provided significant aid in developing the state during the early years of the new China. Russia preserves the memory about the glorious pages of the common history, he underscored.

"A museum was created in Moscow, dedicated to the VI Congress of the CPC, which took place here in 1928. Under the request of our Chinese colleagues, our archive agency prepared a selection of material, connected to the period of emergency of the communist movement in China," Putin said.

Ties between the parties are an important part of the entire complex of bilateral relations, the Russian President believes. "I expect that the further development of the dialogue with the CPC would facilitate an even deeper strengthening of cooperation, mutual understanding and trust between our countries," he concluded.