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Russia supplies equipment for ITER international reactor in France — Rosatom

The cargo was sent from St. Petersburg

MOSCOW, May 18. /TASS/. Russia has carried out the first shipment of equipment in 2022 for the international thermonuclear reactor ITER, which is under construction in France, the ITER Project Center of the Russian nuclear corporation (Rosatom) said in a statement.

"All eight trailers with Russian electrical equipment for the power supply systems of the international thermonuclear experimental reactor ITER safely crossed the Russian border. The cargo was sent from the site of JSC NIIEFA (part of the state corporation Rosatom) in St. Petersburg. This is the first shipment of Russian components of the future installation, committed this year," the statement said.

This shipment, which is the 24th in a row, included busbars providing power supply to the superconducting coils of the ITER magnetic system, switching devices and components of the busbar condition monitoring system.

"The supply and commissioning of power supply systems is vital for obtaining the first plasma at the reactor, which is under construction in France. In this regard, equipment must be delivered regularly to ensure installation work is continuous and in accordance with the schedule, a delay in its delivery can cause a delay in commissioning the reactor into operation," Leonid Khimchenko, Deputy Director of the Russian ITER Agency, said as quoted in the statement.

ITER is a project of the world's first international thermonuclear experimental reactor of a new generation, which is being built by the efforts of the international community in Provence (France), near Marseilles. The goal of the project is to show the scientific and technological feasibility of using fusion energy on an industrial scale, as well as to develop relevant technologies.