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Coal, oil products to be exported to Ukraine under permits of Russian Economy Ministry

The decree introduces a complete ban on oil export to Ukraine

MOSCOW, April 18. /TASS/. Coal and oil products will be exported to Ukraine under permits of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development from June 1 of this year, according to the decree of the Russian Government.

Hard coal, briquettes, pellets and other kinds of solid fuel from hard coal, coke or semi-coke from hard coal, lignite or peat, and other coal products will be authorized for sale to Ukraine upon the receipt of a permit.

Supplies of gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, butane and other liquefied gases can also be made subject to the permit.

The decree introduces a complete ban on oil export to Ukraine. Russia was the main direct supplier of crude to Ukraine by 2014. According to data of Ukrainian mass media, crude is largely imported from Azerbaijan, Algeria and Iran at present. Belarus, which receives crude oil from Russia, is the absolute leader in terms of oil products export to Ukraine.

Russian coal export to Ukraine grew by almost 10% in 2018 to 12.4 mln tonnes.

No public information regarding actual supplies of oil products from Russia to Ukraine is available but Deputy Vice President of the Russian pipeline operator Transneft Vladimir Nazarov said last February that the company intended to increase diesel fuel supplies over its system to 3.2 mln tonnes in 2018 from 2.5 mln tonnes in 2017, including 2 mln tonnes planned for deliveries directly to Ukraine last year.