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Russia to hold Strategic Missile Force drills with over 200 missile launchers

The drills on October 15-17 will involve 12,000 troops

MOSCOW, October 14. /TASS/. Russia will hold its Strategic Missile Force drills on October 15-17 that will involve 12,000 troops, 213 missile launchers, 105 aircraft and five submarines, the Defense Ministry announced on Monday.

"Command and staff drills will take place on October 15-17, 2019 to practice the Armed Forces’ command and control," the ministry said in a statement.

The drills will involve "about 12,000 personnel, 213 launchers of the Strategic Missile Force, up to 105 planes, including five strategic missile-carrying aircraft, up to 15 surface ships and five submarines and 310 items of military and special hardware," the statement reads.

"During the drills, cruise and ballistic missiles of various types of basing will be launched, including against the Pemboi, Chizha and Kura firing ranges," the ministry said.

The drills will bring together military command centers' operational staff, units and formations of the Strategic Missile Force, long-range and military transport aviation, and also military units and formations that provide for the operation of strategic deterrence forces and special units that will simulate a notional enemy, the statement says.

Aerodromes of long-range, military transport and operational-tactical aviation, the training ranges of Russia’s military districts and of the Northern Fleet and the naval ranges in the Barents, Baltic, Black, Okhotsk and Caspian Seas will also be involved in the drills, the statement informs.