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Russia’s ex-air force commander comments on pace of research into new strategic bomber

PAK DA is scheduled to become operational in 2025-2028

MOSCOW, December 26. /TASS/. The pace of research into Russia’s new strategic bomber is very high and it may be authorized for service in 2025-2028, the former commander of Russia’s Aerospace Force, chairman of the Federation Council’s defense and security committee Viktor Bondarev told TASS in an interview.

He said that Russia’s future long-range bomber (PAK DA) would herald a new step in creating planes of this class and incorporate all the very best features of today’s Tupolev-22M3, Tupolev-160 and Tupolev-90MS.

"PAK DA is scheduled to go operational in 2025-2028. In a word, it is not a near-term possibility, but progress in research into the new plane is very high," Bondarev said.