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Merkel shares criticism of US new sanctions against Russia

The sanctions may affect European companies

BERLIN, June 16. /TASS/. Germany’s chancellor shares the position of German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Austria’s Chancellor Christian Kern who criticize new US sanctions against Russia as those might affect European companies, German governmental spokesman Steffen Seibert told a briefing on Friday.

"There is considerable assent to the contents of this statement. The chancellor shares fears listed in the text," he said, noting that Berlin was annoyed that "the case in hand are sanctions for Russia’s steps but which affect European companies."

"It is inadmissible," Seibert emphasized.

In the meantime, German Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Martin Seffer points out that extraterritorial application of US sanctions runs counter to international law.

"It is not the first time Americans resort to this measure as it is highlighted in the sanctions laws of the United States," he said reminding of former President Ronald Reagan administration’s attempt to derail construction of gas pipelines from the Soviet Union to Europe.

"Given the US president enjoys the right to blacklist German and European companies, which are somehow engaged in building, financing and operating the gas pipeline systems in the European Union, we will view this as counteracting international law," Seffer said.