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Kazakhstan’s ruling Amanat party winning over 53% of votes — exit poll

The results of the exit poll conducted by the Institute of Democracy indicate that the People's Party of Kazakhstan is gaining 6.93%

ASTANA, March 19. /TASS/. Kazakhstan’s ruling Amanat party is winning 53.33% of votes at Sunday’s parliamentary polls, six out of seven political forces vying for parliamentary seats are scoring enough votes to get into the legislative body, according to exit polls conducted by the Institute of Democracy.

The People’s Party of Kazakhstan is scoring 6.93% of polls, the Aq Jol (Bright Path) Democratic Party is winning 8.87% of polls, the Auyl (Village) party - 11.26%, and the Respublica Party founded by several businessmen - 8.33%

Apart from that, the opposition Nationwide Social Democratic Party may also win seats in the national legislature for the first time with 5.12% of votes. The Green Party Baytaq is failing to win more than five percent of votes to get into the lower parliament house having scored only 2.51% of votes. As many as 3.65% of voters said they had voted against all.

According to an exit poll conducted the Sotsis-A Institute, the Nationwide Social Democratic Party is winning only 4.91% of votes, thus, failing get it into the parliament. The results are as follows: Amanat - 54.42%, Auyl - 10.21%, Respublica - 8.79%, Aq Jol - 8.21%, People’s Party - 6.89%, Baytaq - 2.17%, against all - 4.4%