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Roscosmos implemented 53 out of 83 events in 2020

Two subprograms were 100% implemented

MOSCOW, September 30. /TASS/. Russia’s state space corporation Roscosmos said on Thursday it implemented 63.9% of last year’s program.

According to the Roscosmos report, the corporation implemented 53 out of 83 events (63.9%) under the state program. Apart from that, it implemented ten out of 18 events (55.5%) under the federal space program for 2015-2025, 16 out of 20 events (80%) under the GLONASS program, and eight out of 26 events (30.8%) under the spaceport development program.

Two subprograms were 100% implemented.

"In compliance with the federal budget, state program financing in 2020 stood at 261,355,072,800 rubles (3.593 billion US dollars)," the report says. Co-financing from off-budgetary sources exceeded 15.6 billion rubles (214.422 million US dollars).