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Russia, China agree to go ahead with cooperation in rocket, engine manufacturing

The respective protocol also envisages exploring the Moon and deep space

MOSCOW, September 28. /TASS/. Russia and China have signed a protocol on cooperation in the space rocket and engine manufacturing, as well as lunar exploration projects, the website of the Roscosmos corporation said on Friday.

The space cooperation sub-commission of the Russia-China commission for preparations for regular meetings of heads of government met in session for the 19th time in Beijing on Friday.

"The session ended with the signing of a protocol in which the two parties agreed to take further steps to seek rapprochement in implementing joint projects for the manufacture of space vehicles and rocket engines, exploring the Moon and deep space, remote sensing of the Earth, satellite navigation, creating a base of electronics components for the space industry, and low orbit mobile communication systems and space debris monitoring," the report runs.