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Russia’s Duma to issue special statement on situation in Ukraine

The text of the statement included proposals from all the political forces represented in the Duma

MOSCOW, December 10, 5:37 /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of parliament, plans to discuss and adopt a draft statement on the situation in Ukraine. The document was put up for discussion by the house committee for the CIS, Eurasian integration and relations with fellow-countrymen abroad.

Committee chairman Leonid Slutsky said the text of the statement included proposals from all the political forces represented in the Duma, adding: “All the Duma factions supported the text.”

The draft says that the MPs “cannot watch the developments unfolding in Ukraine indifferently.”

“Unauthorized meetings, the siege of agencies of state power, seizures of administrative buildings, rampages, and destruction of the monuments of history lead up to a destabilization in the country and are fraught with ominous economic and political consequences for the people of Ukraine,” the Russian lawmakers warn.

“Overt interference of foreign officials in the affairs of the sovereign Ukraine that stands at variance with any international norms causes particular concern,” the statement says.

“Some Western politicians who address oppositionist meetings make explicit calls for revolting against the decisions passed by the legitimately elected authorities of the country,” the MPs say. “They thus make a destructive contribution to the deterioration of the political situation.”

The geopolitical choice that Ukraine is going to make lies fully within the domain the internal sovereign rights of its people, the Russian MPs say and urge Western politicians “to stop wielding external pressures on the country’s policy.”

“On our part, we will continue respecting the decisions passed by the legitimate authorities of the sisterly Ukraine,” the draft statement says. “Ukraine is Russia’s strategic partner and our peoples are united by centuries-old social, economic, political and cultural ties and we will always be interested in a strong a flourishing Ukrainian state.”

In the light of it the Russian lawmakers plan to call on Ukraine’s oppositionist forces “to return to the constitutional field, to stop all the unlawful actions, and to solve all the problems the country is faced with in strict compliance with national legislation.”

“The State Duma appeals to the political forces in Ukraine to find an exclusively peaceful way out of the current situation in the interests of the Ukrainian people,” the draft statement says.