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Russian Defense Ministry claims Kiev is plotting provocations against Russian officers

The Defense Ministry through several reliable channels has received information about "provocations" prepared by Ukrainian security services

MOSCOW, October 4./TASS/. Ukrainian security services are planning provocations against Russian officers of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) of the ceasefire in the southeast of Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry’s department for information and mass communications said on Tuesday.

"The Defense Ministry has received through several reliable channels information about a provocation prepared by Ukrainian security services against Russian officers of the JCCC," the report said.

According to the ministry, the Ukrainian Security Service intends to detain Russian military on charges of alleged ‘espionage’. It says this plan will be carried out during the upcoming rotation of the Russian contingent in the JCCC.

"In order to prevent disruption of further activity of the JCCC, we urge the Ukrainian leadership to take this information with all responsibility and to prevent provocations against Russian military by Ukrainian security services," the report said.

It said Russian officers were staying in Ukraine under a mutual agreement between the Russian and Ukrainian leadership only to assist representatives of the Special Monitoring Mission of the European security agency in control over cessation of hostilities.