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Power supply situation extremely difficult in Ukraine’s Odessa region — administration

Some houses have been without power for more than a day

KIEV, November 17. /TASS/. The power supply situation in Ukraine’s Odessa region is very difficult, the head of the region’s administration, Maxim Marchenko, said on Thursday.

According to him, everything has been cut off in the region, but this is insufficient. "The situation is extremely difficult, that’s why we had to introduce several blackouts simultaneously, and they overlap. Everything that can be cut off has been cut off in the region, but even this is not enough," Marchenko said in a video uploaded to his Telegram channel.

Some houses have been without power for more than a day. "Today, an unprecedented decision was made to turn off several working lines to support those that are not working," the head of the Odessa region administration added.

He also reiterated that an infrastructure facility was damaged in the region on Thursday morning.

According to Ukraine’s Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky, over 30 infrastructure facilities were damaged in the country as a result of strikes on November 15. The most massive blow since the escalation of the conflict in February was dealt to the energy system of Ukraine on Tuesday, Energy Minister German Galushchenko reported. Missiles hit both generation facilities and the power transmission system. Emergency power cuts were implemented in some Ukrainian cities, the energy minister added.