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Ukrainian special services plotting provocations in Kherson — Civic Chamber

"My forecast about Bucha 3.0 is 200% real," Alexander Malkevich said

MOSCOW, November 14. /TASS/. Ukrainian special services are hatching numerous large-scale staged provocations allegedly exposing the torture of Kherson residents by Russian servicemen, Alexander Malkevich, a member of the Russian Civic Chamber, told TASS on Monday.

"Now, Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has time to organize large-scale and cynical staged provocations. Kherson is not Bucha or Izyum. It is a big city and they have plenty of room to expand. I am sorry to joke but the prison building in Kherson is located next to the TV center. So, they can do whatever they want all day long," he said, adding that scenarios of such provocations include absolutely wild allegations that everything is mined. "It is utter gibberish and nonsense but these provocations will be ventured and it will be done on a grand scale," he said.

According to Malkevich, a forecasted provocation of a massacre and the mass burials of civilians is already being implemented. "My forecast about Bucha 3.0 is 200% real. Reuters cited [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky as saying that some investigators have allegedly found more than 400 war crimes in Kherson. In other words, he has announced this picturesque statement [by investigators]," he said.

The city, in his words, is now closed not only to journalists, but also to public activists and politicians - for anyone who doesn’t have a corresponding permit. "A 15-hour curfew has been imposed, water transport traffic is blocked. The population is being purged, entry to the city is banned, with no traffic in the center. We see that journalists, even foreign reporters, are being stripped of accreditation for releasing conflicting information, posting photos of typical street violence - Ukrainian-type lynch mobs, where people are tied to lamp posts and beaten. It’s a kind of civil execution," he said.

And despite the fact that some Western media have been denied accreditation in Kherson, they will "swallow it all and will even apologize," Malkevic noted. "They will be told: if you want to work and receive exclusive evidence of the torture perpetrated by Russians, you should behave properly. We will invite you where we need and you will have sensational news," he added.