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Ukrainian 200-strong combat group crushed in attempted advance to Kremennaya, LPR reports

As Vitaly Kiselyov said, an artillery strike from cannon artillery and Grads was delivered against them and the enemy got what it deserved

MOSCOW, November 3. /TASS/. A Ukrainian combat group of about 200 men and over 10 armored vehicles attempted to advance towards the town of Kremennaya in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) but was stopped and crushed by an artillery strike, LPR Assistant Interior Minister Vitaly Kiselyov said on Thursday.

"At the Kremennaya-Svatovo defense frontier, from the area between the settlements of Nevskoye and Torskoye where the River Krasnaya runs from the north to the south, the Ukrainian military made an attempt to amass about 200 men and over 10 pieces of armor and try to advance towards Kremennaya, taking advantage of terrain features and a forest belt," he said in a live broadcast on Russia’s TV Channel One.

"However, our reconnaissance timely spotted these formations and an artillery strike from cannon artillery and Grads [Grad multiple launch rocket systems] was delivered against them and the enemy got what it deserved," he said.

Also, small Ukrainian combat groups were detected in the area of Torskoye and an artillery strike was delivered against them, he added.

"They both sustained damage to equipment and casualties - those killed and wounded. The enemy has been dispersed by now and our reconnaissance is updating information," Kiselyov said.

The Ukrainian military intended to break through the defense line in that area and then bring in reserves but its attempt failed, he explained.

The LPR assistant interior minister earlier told TASS that the Ukrainian military attempted by armored groups to break through the defenses of the Russia-Donbass allied forces near Svatovo and Kremennaya but all the attempts failed.