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Top legislator tells Russia’s detractors who fled abroad to ‘never come back’

Valentina Matviyenko noted that such citizens had been judged by society

SAMARKAND, October 28. /TASS/. Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko lashed out at Russians absconding abroad who do nothing but sling mud at their native country, by telling them to stay overseas and never return home. 

"Well, I would like those who went [abroad] to stay there, if they feel good there. They shouldn’t come back here. Perhaps, the following English adage applies to them: ‘Sometimes it is necessary to feign a shipwreck so that the rats scatter'," Matviyenko told reporters. 

She noted that such citizens have been judged by society. "The people who left their country, their army, their homeland, they are vilifying everything in favor of their new masters, thus earning a ticket to this new society. And I think this is the most important judgement," the speaker said, adding that in most cases this is seen as treason. 

According to her, Russia will win, after a while these people will be tormented by their conscience. "Sooner or later these people's conscience will awaken, someday their children, their parents will ask: ‘Where were you when the Fatherland was in trouble?’ This will torment their conscience," Matviyenko predicted. 

She urged not to lump everyone together, as there are those who left Russia for objective reasons, including family emergencies.