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Russian official calls out dying US hegemony and obsolete Bretton Woods system

As Alexander Venediktov said, the US habit of controlling other countries to the detriment of their sovereignty is the Americans’ favorite tool

MOSCOW, October 13. /TASS/. The US’ pursuit to cling to world dominance will only end in the creation of a new economic crisis, Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Alexander Venediktov told TASS on Thursday.

The Bretton Woods system was imposed on the international community in 1944 under the circumstances that existed at that time: a weakened world and a strong America, the security official pointed out.

"De jure, the Bretton Woods arrangement ceased to exist in 1976 but de facto it still exerts very serious influence on the entire global economy. Now this system is gradually fading away into oblivion because it was based on the US financial and economic dominance while China has long outpaced America in terms of many economic indicators," Venediktov pointed out.

"Washington understands that the abolition of this system will almost automatically mean the collapse of their world dominance and they will keep it afloat as long as possible, at any cost and through money printing and interventions and the disruption of rival economies. All this, unfortunately, will trigger a new financial and economic crisis," he stressed.

The US habit of controlling other countries to the detriment of their sovereignty "is the Americans’ favorite tool," the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council said.

"First of all, they pull this trick with their partners who are actually not partners but vassals, minions or the like. We call it neo-colonialism," he stressed.

US aspiration for hegemony

Doctrinal documents, various works by theoreticians of geopolitics in the United States and generally in the Western world have repeatedly underscored the premise that external intervention is an inseparable tool of the development of statehood in the United States, Venediktov pointed out.

"That is, without external intervention, which they understand as using military force, meddling in the internal affairs of other countries and organizing color revolutions, they cannot fully provide for the continued existence of their state," the Russian security official said.

"They need ever new spheres of influence, bridgeheads and markets. They need a labor force, they need territories and resources and they need to spread their ideology. You know, as the popular saying goes about sharks, they must constantly swim, even while asleep because otherwise they will drown. The same is true about the Americans: they either need to constantly seize something or oppress someone, or sink to the bottom," the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council said.