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Russian senator lambasts failed US scheme to form global anti-Moscow coalition

At the same time, the US argues that the anti-Russian restrictions aren’t exacerbating the global food crisis

MOSCOW, July 15. /TASS/. The US Treasury Department’s move to announce exemptions from the Russia-targeted sanctions is no act of goodwill but proof of Washington’s alarm at its failed attempts to cobble together a global anti-Russian coalition, Deputy Speaker of Russia’s Federation Council (the upper house of parliament) Konstantin Kosachev said on Friday.

"They (the Americans) are primarily troubled by the failed attempts to form a global anti-Russian coalition through blatantly fake propaganda blaming Russia for the world’s problems. The world turned out to be smarter than Washington had expected so they now have to modify their actions, actually proving that Russia’s arguments are quite right," the senator wrote on Telegram.

"It is the US sanctions affecting financial transactions and the transportation and insurance of food products and fertilizers - crucial to the world - that caused global dilemmas in this field," Kosachev pointed out. "The successful talks that Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN have held in Istanbul prove that the parties are capable of reaching agreements. Without the US, it’s easier to agree, even for Russia and Ukraine," the Federation Council deputy speaker emphasized.

The US Treasury Department confirmed on Thursday that transactions with Russia related to agriculture, the energy sector, healthcare, transit flights and the activities of non-governmental organizations were exempt from US sanctions.

Washington argues that the anti-Russian restrictions aren’t exacerbating the global food crisis. Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed out that the West was failing to mention the restrictions against ships transporting Russian grain.