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West using UNSC to spread fakes about situation in Ukraine — Russian diplomat

According to Anna Yevstigneyeva, such a destructive course is only widening the gap among the Security Council members

UNITED NATIONS, June 28. /TASS/. Western countries are using the United Nations Security Council to spread fakes and propaganda rhetoric on the situation in Ukraine, Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Anna Yevstigneyeva said on Tuesday.

"They are using accusations, sabotage, dictation, manipulations. It has come to utter absurd on certain topics, for instance, Ukraine," she said at a UN Security Council meeting. "The Security Council has turned into an arena for spreading fakes and propaganda rhetoric by Western nations. Notably, the West’s opinion is presented as the only right one."

According to the Russian diplomat, such a destructive course is only widening the gap among the Security Council members.

"Practices when certain members use the [Security] Council to implement their narrow national interests by means of expanding the agenda with domestic policy, human rights, climate change and other issues are snowballing in recent time," she noted. "At the same time, they totally ignore the fact that the Security Council is not eligible to address aspects under the United Nations Charter. Moreover, it cannot help resolve corresponding problems. Regrettably, it is obvious that the key goal of such efforts is to exert pressure on countries they don’t like."

In some cases, real causes that have led to this of that conflict are deliberately hushed up, she added.