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West seeking to enslave Ukraine financially — Russian presidential aide

According to Vladimir Medinsky, the future generations of Ukrainian will have to pay the price

MINSK, May 22. /TASS/. The West is seeking to bind Ukraine with financial and political obligations and the future generations of Ukrainian will have to pay the price, Russian presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky said on Sunday.

The West is seeking to "enslave Ukraine, to bind it with financial and political obligations, which, regrettably, will turn Ukraine into a colony," he said in an interview with Belarus’ ONT television channel.

"I don’t mean to hurt any of the African countries but such a fate is always deplorable - the fate of those who take such help from Britons and Americans. They should think twice about it," Medinsky warned, adding that "Ukraine’s authorities understand that only too well."

"They are not silly people, they understand it only too well. They simply hope it will not be them but future generations who will have to pay the price," he said.

According to Medinsky, by supporting Ukraine the West is seeking to do harm to "its geopolitical, as they think, rival and opponent, to Russia." "Naturally, it is not about simply doing harm to Russia. It is about making Russia fall into parts. They are not the first to think about it," he said. "No one has succeeded.".