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Russian-Chinese cooperation sets pattern of state-to-state relations, says Putin

The Russian leader emphasized that cooperation is developing in all areas

BEIJING, April 26. /TASS/. The trade and economic relationship between Moscow and Beijing has been developing more rapidly than planned as trade turnover reached $108 bln in 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin said when opening bilateral talks with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Friday.

"Our cooperation has reached an unprecedentedly high level and sets the pattern of what state-to-state relations should be like in a modern world," he said. "In 2018, trade turnover increased by 24.5% to a record of $108 bln," Putin noted, adding that last year the leaders set the target of $100 bln.

Speaking about Sino-Russian ties of a comprehensive partnership and strategic collaboration, the Russian leader emphasized that they are developing in all areas, adding that the development rate is "very substantial."

The Chinese leader agreed that bilateral relations between Moscow and Beijing set the pattern of a relationship between major powers that enjoy the highest level of mutual trust, the closest cooperation and a huge strategic importance.