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Russia, China to bolster ties in 2019 — envoy

A diplomat praises cooperation between Russia and China

BEIJING, December 27. /TASS/. Russia and China are successfully developing bilateral ties in all areas of partnership cooperation, but this process should not be suspended and in 2019 will require mutual hard efforts both from Moscow and Beijing, Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov said on Thursday.

"Russian-Chinese bilateral relations of cooperation in all areas are successfully developing with high dynamics. However, as possible, in the coming year 2019 both Russia and China should concentrate to galvanize their efforts," he noted at the exhibition in the National Museum of China devoted to the 40th anniversary of China’s policy of economic openness and reform. "For example, we have rather developed ties in the sphere of mutual cooperation. Another sphere which requires special attention is science and technology."

Cooperation between the two countries in the sphere of agriculture is more promising, Denisov said. "I think that with our mutual persistence and efforts, we will be able to considerably increase the level of Russian-Chinese agricultural cooperation in the next two or three years," the ambassador stressed.

He reiterated that to bolster bilateral ties Russia and China have to pay great attention to the active development of cultural and humanitarian contacts. The diplomat is satisfied that Moscow and Beijing have a rich experience of many years in this area. Denisov also hopes for successful cooperation with China in the sphere of tourism, inviting Chinese tourists to visit not just traditional venues like Moscow and St. Petersburg, but Siberia, Russia’s Far East and its southern regions as well.

The envoy studied the exhibition in about an hour and a half, paying special attention to stands devoted to the implementation of joint Eurasian transport projects in the sphere of railroad transportation with China. Denisov was followed by Sun Lin Jiang, Director-General of the Department of European - Central Asian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian diplomats and representatives for the Chinese government of a whole number of mass media.