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Ukrainian army shells settlement in Russia’s Bryansk Region, no casualties reported

According to the region’s governor Alexander Bogomaz, the emergency services are working on site

MOSCOW, July 5. /TASS/. Ukraine’s armed forces have shelled the Zernovo settlement in the Suzemsky district of the Bryansk Region with about 18 artillery shots and no reported casualties, the region’s governor Alexander Bogomaz said on his Telegram channel.

"This morning, the Ukrainian side shelled the Zernovo settlement in the Suzemsky district. About 18 shots were recorded. There are no injuries. The emergency services are working on site," the governor wrote.

The Zernovo settlement is located 117 kilometers south of Bryansk on the border with Ukraine.

On April 13, the Ukrainian side shelled the Novye Yurkovichi checkpoint in the Klimovsky district. The day after, two combat helicopters delivered a strike on residential buildings in the Klimovo settlement injuring seven people. On April 25, Ukrainian troops fired more than 50 mortar shells at the Troyebortnoye checkpoint and on April 29, at least 35 shots were fired at Russian border guards at the Belaya Berezka border checkpoint. On the following day, an area around a Russneft oil pumping station in the village of Zhecha was shelled by Ukrainian troops.

In June, the Bryansk Region was shelled three times. On June 20, the Suzemka settlement was shelled by the Ukrainian army with one person injured. On June 14, six people sustained shrapnel wounds in the shelling of a settlement in the Klintsy urban district. One person was wounded in the June 4 shelling of the Sluchevsk settlement.