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Investment in Murmansk Region’s project exceed $1.9 bln

The regional consolidated budget will receive revenues of $32 mln a year

MURMANSK, February 19. /TASS/. Investments in priority and strategic projects in the Murmansk region are 107 billion rubles ($1.9 billion), the region’s Minister of Industry and Business Olga Kuznetsova told the government’s meeting on Monday.

"Implementation of all the priority and strategic investment projects means about 107 billion rubles in investments," the minister said.

According to the minister, the regional consolidated budget will receive revenues of 1.8 billion rubles ($32 million) a year; and the projects will offer about 6,000 new jobs. Some of the projects have the state support. "We have 15 agreements on the state support for investors," she added.

The region’s Governor Marina Kovtun said the Murmansk region had been working on infrastructure projects of federal importance: a complex development of the Murmansk transport hub, organization of a center for construction of high-tonnage marine facilities, and others.

The Murmansk Region’s government told TASS the organization of the Murmansk transport hub means a year-round deep-water sea center to serve liquid (oil and oil products, liquefied natural gas) and dry cargo (coal, fertilizers, ore and other concentrates), high-tonnage containers, construction cargo and cargo for development of the Arctic fields and industrial centers along the Northern Sea Route. NOVATEK’s center for construction of high-tonnage sea facilities is for making sea complexes to produce, store and load liquefied natural gas and stable gas condensate, sea extraction complexes, as well as for servicing marine equipment to be used in development of the oil and gas condensate deposits.