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Russia to launch app for compatriots living abroad

According to the agency for international humanitarian cooperation, it is very imprtant, "because compatriots want to receive prompt and comprehensive information about what is happening here"

MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. Russia's agency for international humanitarian cooperation plans to create an application for digital services for compatriots living abroad, the Rodina information digital service will be its basis, it will be released on the TASS website on July 1, the agency head Yevgeny Primakov said at a press conference at TASS.

"The service will now work in a web format. Further on, I think we will settle on some kind of application. There are so many technical issues in this regard. This is integration with government services, integration with consular services, integration with the information services of TASS, which is our partner. This is very important for us, because compatriots want to receive prompt and comprehensive information about what is happening here. It will be targeted for them in some way. Different educational opportunities will be selected," Primakov said.

According to him, the service will be an ecosystem where multimedia products will also be available. "It is like a pyramid, on which you can string a huge number of different opportunities, including books, music and movies in Russian," he explained. "We will gradually finalize and supplement it further," Primakov said. He pointed out that such a resource will be in high demand, and its target audience will cover from 20 to 40 million people.

"These are Russian citizens with a passport who found themselves abroad, and people who do not possess Russian citizenship. People who went there on their own for some reason. People who found themselves abroad without expecting it themselves, because in 1991 our common homeland ceased to exist. They all have some interest in preserving ties with Russia," he said.