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Yuan trading volume above dollar trading at Moscow Exchange

At the same time, the euro-ruble trading figure was $833.9 mln

MOSCOW, August 18. /TASS/. The yuan trading amount was above the dollar trading figure, according to data on the website of the Moscow Exchange.

The yuan-ruble trading with payments tomorrow totaled 45.4 bln rubles ($756.9 mln), while the dollar-ruble trading volume was 43.7 bln rubles ($730.2 mln). The euro-ruble trading figure was 49.9 bln rubles ($833.9 mln) at the same time.

The dollar lost 1.32% to 59.42 rubles earlier today. The euro plunged 1.39% to 60.26 rubles. The yuan dropped by 0.17% to 8.73 rubles today.