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Russia plans to create 25 pilot zones for 5G using domestic equipment by 2024

he selection of projects for the implementation of roadmaps is expected to start in the fall

MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. The Russian authorities plan to create 25 pilot zones for 5G format on the basis of domestic equipment by 2024. This is envisaged by the roadmap for wireless technologies development, which was approved by the working group at the Digital Economy autonomous non-commercial organization (ANO).

Among the founders of this organization are largest domestic companies in technology sector, and the government of the Russian Federation.

"The working group on Digital Technologies at the ANO generally approved a roadmap on wireless technologies. Comments for its adjustment were submitted in compliance with the working procedure. For example, the roadmap provides that the share of subscribers using 5G network services in the Russian Federation will be more than 10%, while 25 pilot areas with mobile communications of 5th generation will be created on the basis of the developed domestic equipment," an official with ANO said.

Earlier, the working group also approved roadmaps on quantum technologies, virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), artificial intelligence and blockchain, new production technologies, and on robotics and sensor technology.

According to the representative at ANO Digital Economy, the roadmap on wireless technologies, including the development of new generation communication networks (5G), was the last of seven roadmaps on cross-cutting technologies developed as part of the federal project Digital Technologies of the national project "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation".

"The document was approved although with some remarks. After the adjustment it will be submitted to the government. The selection of projects for the implementation of roadmaps is expected to start no later than September 2019," Sergey Nakvasin, head of digital technologies department at ANO Digital Economy said as quoted in the company’s statement.

In total, the Digital Economy national project defines nine cross-cutting technologies that are considered the most promising and leading to radical changes in existing markets and the emergence of new ones. In particular, these are big data processing methods, wireless communication technologies (including 5G), AR/VR, blockchain, quantum technologies, new production technologies, industrial Internet, components of robotics and sensorics, neuro technology and artificial intelligence.

About the national project

The national project "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" for the period up to 2024 is one of 12 projects designed for the implementation of the May presidential decree of the Russian Federation in 2018. It includes six federal projects: regulation of the digital environment, information infrastructure, personnel for digital economics, information security, digital technology and digital government. The total amount of financing of the national project for the next six years is more than 1.5 trillion rubles ($23.8 bln).