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Nornickel invests in reconstruction of thee bridges in Krasnoyarsk Region

The company will invest $7 million

KRASNOYARSK, April 18. /TASS/. The Norilsk Nickel Company (Nornickel) will invest 435 million rubles ($7 million) in reconstruction of three bridges, built in the middle of the XX century in the Norilsk industrial district, northern Krasnoyarsk Region, the company’s representative, head of the non-industrial construction department at the Polar Division, Pavel Neputin told TASS on Wednesday.

"Nornickel’s expenses for reconstruction of bridges in the Norilsk industrial district will make 435 million rubles," he said. "The ferroconcrete bridges of 14, 18 and 11 meters were built in the 1950s, and their conditions require reconstruction now."

The bridges are used for regular bus routes, which serve personnel travelling to Nornickel’s enterprises. In addition, heavy technology vehicles, transporting equipment and mining equipment to the Zapolyarnyi mine, also use those bridges.

According to the project, the three bridges will be removed. The space under two bridges will be filled to the lanes level. The third bridge will be removed to build a new 21-meter bridge.

The construction technologies are adjusted to conditions of the Extreme North and the permafrost, the company said. One of the bridges will have 27-meter pilings to guarantee high quality and reliability.

The construction began in January, 2018 and is due in third quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, vehicles would be using temporary routes to bypass the construction sites.