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Putin: Systems overcoming anti-missile defense more effective than missile shield itself

This could prompt a desire in the United States to improve its missile defense systems

MOSCOW, December 23. /TASS/. The system of overcoming anti-missile defense is more effective than the missile shield itself, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an annual press conference on Friday.

"We have advanced in improving our nuclear triad systems, including with regard to overcoming anti-missile defense. This system is more effective than the anti-missile defense itself. This is true," Putin said.

As the Russian leader said, this could prompt a desire in the United States to improve its systems.

"This is what they are doing. For instance, the replacement of tactical nuclear weapons located in other countries, including in Europe and in your country, the United Kingdom. This is what is taking place. They are doing this," Putin said, addressing a BBC correspondent who had asked a question.

"I hope that the viewers of your programs and Internet users know about this," the Russian leader said.

Putin also cited the example of other NATO member countries, such as Turkey, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom where tactical nuclear weapons were being replaced.