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Ukraine’s military cut off from supply lines near Lisichansk, says army commander

Today, the junction of roads crossing the route is under the control of the Akhmat special operations group and LPR representatives, Alti Alaudinov informed

GROZNY, June 15. /TASS/. Allied forces cut off ammunition and food supply lines to the Ukrainian military near Lisichansk after taking the community of Kamyshevakha in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) and driving Ukrainian militants out of the locale, said Alti Alaudinov, commander of the Akhmat special operations force, when speaking to TV Channel One on Wednesday.

"This is actually the direction that currently crosses all fundamental supply routes of ammunition and foodstuffs for the Ukrainian military holed up in the town of Lisichansk and the adjacent populated areas," said Alaudinov who is also an aide to the Chechnya head.

"That is, Kamyshevakha, perhaps, would have had no significance, had it not been located close to a large hub - a junction of roads crossing the route that transport vehicles [carrying supplies for the Ukrainian military] move along. Today, this junction is under the control of the Akhmat special operations group and LPR representatives," he said.

A small number of residents has remained in Kamyshevakha itself, he added.

"Representatives of our units rendered them assistance and did everything to get them out of harm’s way from the Ukrainian military, who was using them as a human shield," the commander of the Akhmat detachment said.

Chechnya Head Ramzan Kadyrov announced on June 14 that the final stage had been completed to liberate the settlement of Kamyshevakha located 25 km south of Lisichansk.