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Zelensky will be unable to fulfill campaign promises with current parliament - MP

Nestor Shufrich has criticized "the coalition of corruption" in the Ukrainian parliament

KIEV, April 22. /TASS/. Vladimir Zelensky, who is leading in the runoff stage of the Ukrainian presidential election, will find opposition from the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament), which will most likely compromise his campaign promises, Ukrainian MP Nestor Shufrich said.

"Zelensky will try to introduce the things he has planned, but I’m afraid that with the current Rada he will be unable to do that," the MP said in an interview with the NewsOne channel. He added that Zelensky "must try to fulfill what he has promised" with the help of the those members of parliament ready to support him.

The MP has criticized "the coalition of corruption" in the Ukrainian parliament, the members of which are "scared that they would have to answer for what they have done in the last five years".

After counting 46.65% of electoral ballots, the Central Election Commission informs that Vladimir Zelensky is leading in the polls with 73.04% of the vote, while his opponent Pyotr Poroshenko received 24.66% of the vote.

The voter turnout in the runoff stage of the election reached 62.07%.