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Putin urges CIS special services to fiercely counter cyberattacks

The Russian president highlighted the need to promote cooperation among the CIS states

MOSCOW, September 29. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called on the special services of CIS countries to fiercely counter any attempted cyberattacks on the critical infrastructure of CIS member states.

The president said it’s necessary not only to exchange information between special services, but also to conduct joint operations.

"Reliable protection of the Commonwealth’s information space is of great importance. The number of cyberattacks, attempts to disrupt the work of critical infrastructure in our countries is only growing from year to year, and this requires active combating and constant attention from your special units," he said at a meeting by video link, addressing the heads of intelligence services of the CIS countries.

Putin highlighted the need to promote cooperation among the CIS states.

"Of course, it’s necessary to encourage the development of integrated relations within the CIS," he said.

According to the Russian leader, "despite the pressure, blackmail and illegal sanctions by the US and its satellites, the level of trade, production and investment cooperation between Russia and CIS countries is increasing."

"It’s obvious that our cooperation is a serious asset for the growth of national economies, strengthening their competitiveness and positions in world markets," he said.

"We have long been convinced that your agencies, when their efforts are concerted, expand their capabilities, achieve better results, and use resources in a more rational manner," Putin said. "Therefore, it’s necessary to continue to actively develop cooperation from the exchange of information to joint special operations and training of personnel."

The Russian president expects that the results of the current meeting "will promote a more productive effort by the special services of the CIS countries, and open up new prospects for multifaceted cooperation." The heads of the security and intelligence services of the CIS countries are set to hold a meeting in Moscow on Friday.