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Putin slams proponent of monument to Hitler for expelling Jews as ‘scum, anti-Semitic pig’

The Russian leader said that Poland’s ambassador to Nazi Germany "shared Hitler’s anti-Semitic sentiment"

MOSCOW, December 24. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has excoriated Poland’s pre-war ambassador to Nazi Germany as ‘scum and an anti-Semitic pig’ for extolling Hitler, saying the Nazi dictator deserved a monument for his idea to expel Jews to Africa.

"He is scum and an anti-Semitic pig, there is no other way of describing him," Putin said while commenting on a diary note left by Poland’s ambassador to Germany in the 1930s. "He shared Hitler’s anti-Semitic sentiment and moreover, he promised to erect a monument in Warsaw for the persecution of the Jewish people."

Putin said that when he studied archive documents dating back to those years, seized as a military trophy in one of the European countries after World War II, he was astonished by the "method of solving the Jewish question" in Poland.

"Honestly, I should tell you I was stunned about the manner in which Hitler and Polish officials discussed the so-called ‘Jewish question’," Putin said. Hitler shared with Poland’s foreign minister and then ambassador to Poland his idea of expelling Jews to colonies in Africa.

"Imagine, expelling Jews to Africa in 1938! They would’ve been doomed to extermination!" Putin said. He also recalled a note Poland’s ambassador left on his report to the Polish foreign minister: ‘When I heard him say this… I replied that if he really did that, we would erect a wonderful monument to him in Warsaw."

Putin remarked that such a comment surely sounded like a go-ahead.

"He would’ve never written this without a reason," Putin said. He stressed that Russia had enough evidence to not let anyone "profane the memory of our fathers and grandfathers and all those who brought their life to the alter of victory over Nazism."

Putin said that this type of people who had been in talks with Hitler were now pulling down monuments to the liberators - Red Army soldiers who saved the European countries and peoples from Nazism.

"It’s their successors. In this respect, very little has changed, and this is what we should all keep in mind as we build our Armed Forces," Putin concluded.