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CNN reporter leaves Russia following detention outside Navalny’s prison

Matthew Chance was earlier detained in the Vladimir Region

NEW YORK, April 7. /TASS/. CNN journalists who were earlier detained in the Vladimir Region have temporarily left Russia, CNN’s Moscow correspondent Matthew Chance wrote on his Twitter page.

"For me and cameraman Jeff, it’s do’svidaniya (bye - TASS) Russia for a bit," he wrote, attaching a photo made on board of a plane.

Last Tuesday, the regional Internal Ministry office reported that police officers had detained nine people for violating public order outside of the Penal Colony Number 2 in Pokrov where Russian blogger Alexey Navalny serves his sentence. The CNN journalist particularly reported that he was detained. Later, he said via Twitter that he had been released.

Moscow’s Simonovsky court on February 2 replaced Navalny’s suspended 3.5-year prison term in the Yves Rocher case with a real one due to numerous violations of the rules the sentence required. On February 20, the Moscow City Court upheld this decision as legal and it entered into force.