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Wen Zeping: We Chinese Are the Successor and Guardian of Asian Civilizations

BEIJING, June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Wen Zeping is a young entrepreneur who grew up in socialist China. In February 2019, he invested $10 million to set up Lanjiao Media Co. Ltd. in Las Vegas, the United States, by the time he was 30. It is an important measure of his overseas development strategy.

Recently the First Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations already succeeded ends. Wen Zeping also participated in the Chengdu Panda International Gourmet Festival and other related activities. He praised the successful of the First Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations and greatly appreciated China's proposal of "deepening exchanges and mutual learning, and building the community of shared destiny."

Wen Zeping said that, as advocated by the conference, Asian civilizations are colorful and brilliant. We have different cultural groups, colorful languages, diverse cultural traditions, and even different styles of headscarves. After centuries of Asian development, we have learned that we should open doors to each other, regard the civilizations of others as learning resources for our own civilizations and progresses, so as to enrich our own civilizations.

Wen Zeping has been busy preparing for the Development Foundation for Asian Civilizations, which was sponsored by himself recently. He puts forward many ideas including the "Asian 100 Plans." Additionally, he actively sets up a cultural media company in his hometown Chengdu, which mainly produces positive energy videos and literary works.

Wen Zeping believes that civilizations should be colorful, equal and inclusive. Every civilization is the crystallization of beauty, and all good things are interlinked. The initiative and holding of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations are innovative, forward-looking and important. It not only involves the common features of different civilizations, but also retains the characteristics and values of different civilizations. In the future, an open China will embrace the world more actively and work with other countries to create a better tomorrow.