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Russia’s Northern Fleet to hold strategic drills in Arctic

This exercise to be a key measure to check the preparedness of the forces for accomplishing assigned tasks

MURMANSK, June 1. /TASS/. Russia’s Northern Fleet will hold strategic drills in the Arctic in the autumn of 2021, the Fleet’s press office reported on Tuesday with reference to Chief of the Northern Fleet Staff Rear Admiral Vladimir Vorobyov.

"In autumn, the Northern Fleet will take part in a strategic military exercise in its basic Arctic area. This exercise will be a key measure to check the preparedness of the forces and troops of a multi-service force strategic association for accomplishing assigned tasks," Vorobyov said at a ceremonial line-up in honor of the 288th anniversary of the Red Banner Northern Fleet and the beginning of the summer training period.

The rear admiral briefly summed up the results of the previous combat training period and stressed that, as before, the Fleet’s forces and troops faced major combat training tasks. A series of multi-service force drills to provide security of the Northern Sea Route was traditionally a key task for the Northern Fleet, he added.

The Northern Fleet’s Arctic group of ships and vessels will make its tenth jubilee deployment to Arctic seas in 2021.