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Hainan's research vessel headed to South China Sea

The project is supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

HAIKOU, March 11. /TASS/. South China's Hainan has begun conducting bottom research in the deep-sea part of the South China Sea. According to, the Tanso-1 research vessel  will be conducting the scientific work. 

The project is supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

The project is carried out with the participation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' specialists. During its implementation, it is planned to test the manned bathyscaphe "Shanghai Yunshi" ("Deep Warrior"), which is able to study resources, flora and fauna with immersion up to 4.5 km below sea level.

"We intend to study the seamounts and plains in the South China Sea, as well as the geology and degree of environmental pollution," said a leading specialist in the field of deep-sea research at Sun Yat-sen University. 

According to the scientist, during the expedition, a tripping device designed to immerse a person in the bathyscaphe to a depth of up to 10,000 meters will also be tested.

Hainan is setting up a big modern laboratory for deep-sea ocean research, which will contribute to the intensive development of the economic potential of the South China Sea. The object is located in Sanya, the authorities allocated 150 million yuan (about $ 21.6 million at the current rate) to the construction. One of the key aims of this innovative project is to join forces with other countries for the effective development of ocean resources located in remote areas at great depths.