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Moscow says UN resolution on Syria is possible only if West avoids propaganda

The Russian Foreign Ministry is confident the parties will manage to produce an effective draft which all Security Council members will find acceptable

MOSCOW, October 12. /TASS/. Drafting an effective resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria will be possible, if the West refrains from attempts at staging an propagandistic show, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s information and press department has told TASS.

"We are certain that if the partners are determined from the outset not to stage propagandistic shows like the one seen on October 8, but to achieve practical returns from the UN Security Council document and to search for compromises, we will manage to produce an effective draft acceptable to all Security Council members," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in response to Germany’s call for pooling the French and Russian draft resolutions.

"Russia is always ready for discussing initiatives that may yield practical added value and contribute to promptly terminating the conflict in Syria and uprooting the terrorist threat," the Foreign Ministry said, adding that there has been no chance to see a combined text yet, while without having the specifics it was impossible to make any comments on the initiative.

The German Foreign Ministry several days ago came out with a proposal for merging the French and Russian draft resolutions of the UN Security Council on Syria in order to put an end to hostilities around Aleppo. As the German Foreign Ministry’s deputy spokeswoman, Sawsan Chebli, said the point at issue was to devise a way of coupling the two drafts to produce one that would earn the UN Security Council’s support and put an end to the inferno in Syria.