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Biden’s explanations on ‘killer’ remark were satisfactory, Putin says

The Russian President also reminded that it was Biden, who proposed to hold the summit

GENEVA, June 16. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin disclosed that his US counterpart Joe Biden explained his ‘killer’ remark during an earlier phone call, adding that he was satisfied with that explanation.

He said in his reply to a journalist’s question whether the two leaders came to an understanding regarding Biden’s notorious remark.

"Regarding harsh statements: what can I say, we all know these statements. After that, President Biden called me, we cleared things up. I was satisfied with those explanations," Putin said.

He noted that it was Biden, who proposed to hold the summit. Putin mentioned that the tete-a-tete meeting lasted for almost two hours and was constructive.

"Remember, when his predecessor [Donald Trump] was asked the same question - he avoided it," Putin noted. "The current US president decided to answer the way he did, and his answer was kind of different from that of Mr. Trump’s".

In March, Biden said in an interview for ABC that the Russian authorities will have to "pay the price" for the alleged interference in the US elections. Besides, when asked whether Biden considers Putin a "killer," the US president answered in the affirmative.