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Nothing limits Russia’s Arctic cooperation with China, Japan, says Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW, October 17. /TASS/. Russia continues Arctic cooperation with China and Japan on a wide range of issues, Russian Foreign Ministry Envoy Nikolai Korchunov, who is the country’s top official in the Arctic Council, said at a press conference dedicated to the Ninth International Forum dubbed "Arctic: Today and the Future" on Thursday.

"We set no limits on the list of issues and topics on which we could cooperate with Japan and China," he said in response to a question. "As for Japan, we already cooperate in the liquefaction and transportation of natural gas. There is dialogue with China on research activities in the Arctic region, which continues uninterrupted," Korchunov pointed out.

The Russian envoy emphasized that both Japan and China were observers in the Arctic Council and actively participated in many projects. "The Arctic Council has a group on the preservation of flora and fauna and the implementation of a project concerning migrating birds that fly thousands of kilometers away from the Arctic region to the Chinese coast, Singapore and other countries," he specified.

Korchunov went on to say that Beijing and Tokyo had been invited to take part in the activities of a public council under the administration of the Northern Sea Route. "The council was established at the initiative of [Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation] Rosatom as a platform for discussing the interests and concerns of our partners," he noted.

The Ninth International Forum dubbed "Arctic: Today and the Future" will take place in Russia’s St. Petersburg on December 5-7.