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New tank truck dramatically reduces planes’ refueling time — Russian Defense Ministry

One truck is capable of refueling 24 planes simultaneously, according to the deputy defense minister
Sukhoi-34 bombers  Yuri Smityuk/TASS
Sukhoi-34 bombers
© Yuri Smityuk/TASS

KAZAN, August 28. /TASS/. The new tank truck model Russia’s Armed Forces began to use lately dramatically reduces the time needed to refuel planes on the ground, Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov told the media on Wednesday.

"One truck is capable of refueling 24 planes simultaneously. According to our estimates, the planes get ready for flight 15 times faster than before," he said.

In a special logistic exercise underway in the Central Federal District twelve multirole bombers Sukhoi-34 and two transport planes Antonov-26 landed on the highway Europe-Western China being built in Tatarstan. An automated system of centralized refueling and a new generation tank truck, ATZ-20, were tested in field conditions for the first time.

A special logistic exercise is being held in the Central Military District on August 27-30 under the command of Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov. More than 30,000 troops, 7,000 pieces of military equipment and up to 90 planes and helicopters are taking part. Also involved in the exercise are some units of the Central, Western, Southern and Eastern military districts and also logistic units of Russia’s Aerospace and Airborne Forces.