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Russia’s defense chief gives orders to repair submersible damaged by fire

The vessel's developing company has been charged with the task, according to the Defense Ministry’s press office

SEVEROMORSK, /Murmansk Region/, July 3. /TASS/. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has given instructions to repair the submersible damaged by fire on July 1 and deliver it to the Navy for further operation, the Defense Ministry’s press office reported on Wednesday.

During his working trip to the Severomorsk naval base where the submersible is kept now, Shoigu held a separate meeting with representatives of the research submersible developing company, the ministry’s press office said.

"While visiting the facility, Sergei Shoigu set the task to the Fleet’s command to as soon as possible work out and implement measures jointly with the industry’s representatives to repair the submersible and bring it into operation again," the press office said in a statement.