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Accident still seen as most likely reason of Notre-Dame Cathedral fire — prosecutors

At the same time, none of the possible explanations has been ruled out

PARIS, April 18. /TASS/. An accidental ignition is still viewed as the most likely reason for the recent fire at the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, city prosecutors said in a statement released via Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The statement says that the city prosecutor’s office, its investigators and experts examined several hard-to-access areas on Wednesday.

"At the moment, the investigators have found no elements suggesting a deliberate criminal arson," the statement reads. "The version of an accidental fire still remains the main one."

At the same time, "none of the possible explanations has been ruled out."

According to unofficial sources close to the investigation, experts are looking into a possible short circuit, an ignition from metal elements overheated during welding works or even a fire caused by a thrown cigarette butt.

Large-scale renovation works began at the cathedral last year and targeted primarily the building’s roof and spire.

The fire at the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral broke out at 18:50 local time on Monday. Due to fierce blaze, the building’s spire and most of the roof collapsed. The fire is believed to have been sparked by the ongoing renovation works on a higher level of the cathedral. A firefighter suffered injuries while combating the blaze.